We'd love it if you would come out after church on Sunday, August 26 to support those making the declaration to follow Christ! This is an amazing time where all three of our campuses come together and celebrate what God is doing and done in His church.  We will have a cookout at Bay View Beach Park around 1PM.  Then we'll walk down the path in the park to the beach and Baptize all those willing to follow Christ's command.  


You can join in with hundreds of others who have made their declaration and decided to follow Christ's command in water baptism. Click here to be signed up.  We'll provide a t-shirt and a place to change.  

Pastor Tommy has written a blog about Water Baptism.  

"As we have been going through the series Death of Me, exploring the call of dying to self as it relates to the me-centric culture in which our churches are being formed, it’s appropriate that we will pause on August 28th to celebrate with members of our church as they follow Christ in baptism. I say it’s appropriate because baptism has always been meant to be a declaration to all that I am embracing the death of me. That we are saying not simply that we are following Christ by that we are dying to self. That we are no longer serving selfish wants and desires but being given over completely to Jesus."

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