John Papp - Staff Announcement

Dear Friends,

I am posting this to inform you that John and Amy Papp will be leaving the ministry at Mercy Hill Church following this Sunday's service in Lake Country. As many of you already know they have been given a great opportunity to minister, full time, at a church in Bakersfield, CA and will be heading there Monday, 5/14.

It is difficult for all of us, those of us on staff, the elders and our families, to see them go but they feel God is leading them in this direction and so we join with them in excited expectation for what God has for them in their next ministry. John and Amy have been a HUGE blessing to both Mercy Hill Lake Country and Mercy Hill Bay View and their talents, heart and giftings will be sorely missed. John has been a good friend, hard worker and great minister and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to serve along side him in God's mission. I want to thank him and Amy for the significant role they have played in the formation of the ministry and community of Mercy Hill.

We honestly believe that this is a part of God's continual leading. He has, and will continue to, raise up ministers to fill the hole that is being left behind by the Papp's departure. Please continue to pray as God leads Mercy Hill Church - Lake Country into the next chapter of this adventure.

Pastor Tommy Orlando