In addition to the Core Values expressed by Mercy Hill Church, Hands of Mercy has the following Philosophy of Missions:

  • Hope-Driven: there is nowhere the light of the Gospel cannot reach and restore through God’s grace and movement.
  • God-Led: since we believe He exists, is present, is capable, and is involved, then we can rely on His guidance and leading in all we do.
  • Church-Centered: god created the church as his bride to join him in the work of restoring and redeeming the hurt, lost and suffering in this world.
  • Dignity-Affirming: although we each are fallen and in need of restoration, we each still carry the image of God which He bestowed at creation.
  • Bridge-Building: when reaching out, we seek to start on common ground, being all things to all people, and even praying for our enemies.
  • Relational-Focused: God chose people to carry His Gospel forward through relationship, and so we emulate His strategy in all we do.
  • Purpose-Giving: we resist the error of creating dependency, but rather focus on restoring individuals to the dignity of contributing to society through work and culture.
  • Intentional-Minded: we carefully consider how our actions impact those we serve by thinking strategically and holistically so as to avoid causing unintended consequences and injury.