Mercy Hill Church Wedding Usage Fees:

$500 Down Payment: Required to reserve the date, refundable for cancellation up to 60 days before date scheduled. Remainder of the total fee due 30 days prior to wedding.

$1000 Space Usage Fee: Includes 2 hours for rehearsal, 4 hours for ceremony, Wedding Coordinator, Maintenance/Custodial Fee, and MH Audio/Visual Tech.

$250/hr Additional time needed for ceremony.

Suggested Honorarium:
$250 Officiating Pastor’s Honorarium 



Officiant: Pastors of Mercy Hill will only officiate for members of Mercy Hill Church.  Membership is decided solely by the Elders and Pastors of Mercy Hill Church. 

Reservation: Dates for the event are secured upon receipt of this contract and the initial deposit listed above.

Audio/Video Use: The audio and/or video for the event(s) must be engineered by a Mercy Hill Church sound tech. The Wedding/Facilities Coordinator will assist in lining one up for your date. Audio and video needs, such as number of mics or inputs for musicians, must be coordinated through the Wedding/Facilities Coordinator no later than 1 week prior to the date of the event. No one other than the Mercy Hill Church Wedding/Facilities Coordinator or assigned Mercy Hill Church sound tech is allowed in the sound booth for any reason.  The bride and groom will be held responsible for any and all damages to audio or video equipment caused by wedding guests.

***NOTE: If the event includes the use of a contracted band or DJ, all audio/video needs must be coordinated through that contracted DJ or band and their own equipment. Use of Mercy Hill Church audio or video equipment for these events is forbidden.***

Decorations: Nails, thumbtacks, staples, tape or other adhesives, may be used on non-painted wood beams or flooring but must be removed immediately following the event. No nails, screws, thumbtacks, staples, tape or other adhesives will be allowed on any other surface including walls and windows. No carpentry work can be permitted within the building. Portable structures, such as a trellis or archway, may be brought in for use, but only with permission from the Wedding/Facilities Coordinator.

Removal of all decorations must begin immediately after the event. Any variation from this policy must be cleared by the Wedding/Facilities Coordinator.

Clean-up: After the event is finished, it is the responsibility of the person that made the reservation to make sure the Auditorium is left as it was when given to you. This means that all clutter and trash must be brought to the dumpster and the place is left in a general state of cleanliness. The custodian will do the final touch-ups and set-up the Auditorium for Sunday Worship. ***NOTE: It is understood that candles play a significant part in the decorations for a wedding. When candles are planned and used, the bride and groom will be responsible for any damage or harm caused to Mercy Hill Church property, Hide House property, event guests, or contractors (as in photographers or caterers) by candle drippings or flames. All candles used must be placed in a candelabra or on a candle plate to ensure that any drippings will be caught.


Any Saturday events must be concluded, including all clean-up and removal of decorations by 7:00pm. This includes any contractors or caterers associated with your event. Any extra time needed will be billed at $250/hr.