Film & Theology: "The Book of Eli" on 5/12

Film & Theology events are evenings where we watch a film followed by an exposition and discussion of the film’s cinematic and philosophical elements. It’s a time to enjoy film with others as well as we dive deeper into what storytellers have to say through the art of cinema. At Mercy Hill, we believe God is the ultimate storyteller and within us is a yearning toward narrative; either to create or to partake. 

Film & Theology is a way for Mercy Hill as a community within a community to embrace and enjoy culture as well as cultivate culture. Film & Theology also uses film to identify Jesus’ presence (and lack thereof) in the religion that is pop culture. I hope to see you there!

"The Book of Eli"
Saturday, 5/12 @ 7:00 p.m. in Bay View

  • THIS MONTH'S MOVIE IS RATED R for some brutal violence and language.
  • For more info about the film, click here.
  • For more info about the event, email