On Mission

There are moments when your personal theology meets reality and you find it lacking. For me it was early in my nonprofit career. 

I was working in a group therapy setting for children and teenagers. My role was to work with the children who would become disruptive and violent.

One day I was called in for a situation where a young six year old boy was having a violent meltdown. After gently restraining him and giving him time to calm down, the anger turned to tears. He began sobbing in my arms and crying out, “Mama, mom, mom.” But his mom wouldn’t be answering his call anymore, because she had passed away from cancer just a few weeks prior. 

And as I held him, I choked back tears and began thinking how on earth could a few hours per week of therapy fill the hole that this young boy now has in his heart.

In the following decade I would be confronted with these stories over and over again. Stories of broken men, women and children who have experienced loss, loneliness, belittlement, abandonment, addiction, mental illness, violence, abuse, rape, corruption, and much, much more.

Time and time again, I was confronted with the reality that the programs we created were never enough to heal this brokenness. But when I turned to my faith, I often also found my personal theology was equally lacking.

I would find myself believing that all I had to do is share Jesus, have someone pray a prayer, and that everything would be ok. Such a view was faithful and obedient to much of the Great Commission, but I was missing God’s heart for this broken world.

Over time, I have grown to see that the true purpose of missions is not only to obey, but to enter into the hurt and brokenness of those around me and work with God to see these people redeemed and restored through a life, relationship and hope in Jesus Christ.

If you joined us this last Sunday at Bay View, you know that this has also been Pastor Tommy’s experience, and is at the heart of how we at Mercy Hill view living “On Mission”. To listen to the sermon, click here.

As a part of this past Sunday's message, we also shared about our new Rwanda Pastor Support Fund. If you would like to donate towards this fund, click here and select it from the drop down menu.