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Fervent Prayer: Financial Commitment and Provision

Dear God, the one who knows and provides all our needs, we come before you with open hands and open hearts. Please give to each one of us that which we need to grow in our knowledge of you. Help us to always turn our faces to you to receive and our faces towards others to give. By your Holy Spirit, may we learn the beauty of dependence on you and the beauty of generosity towards your church and your people. Amen.

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Fervent Prayer: Outreach

Dear Jesus, Grant us the courage to speak with your voice, grant us the compassion to heal with your hands and grant us the strength to love with your commitment. Help us, by your Holy Spirit leading, to do that which you are calling us to do in service to mankind and  anoint and bless those that take up that calling. In your power and strength we pray. Amen.

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Fervent Prayer: Missions: Let God Lead

Father, may we be a Church that lets You lead. We repent for creating our own narratives and asking You to join us in what we want to do. We ask that You guide us, speak to us, and teach us in how You want to reach the world. We invite Your Spirit into our lives today and each day. May our heart be one with Yours as we reach out to the hurting, lost, and broken among us.

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Fervent Prayer: Community

Dear Heavenly Father,
Help us, by your Spirit, to be united as your church. Empower us to go beyond our own selfish concerns that we might reveal and reflect the transforming work of Christ in our lives and in our community of faith. We join our prayer with that of your Son’s when he asked that we may all be one; even as You in the Godhead are one, so that the world may believe in work of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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