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Fervent Prayer: Missions: Let God Lead

Father, may we be a Church that lets You lead. We repent for creating our own narratives and asking You to join us in what we want to do. We ask that You guide us, speak to us, and teach us in how You want to reach the world. We invite Your Spirit into our lives today and each day. May our heart be one with Yours as we reach out to the hurting, lost, and broken among us.

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Fervent Prayer: World Missions

"...So it seems that God will most definitely accomplish this in the culmination of all things.  So why do we need to be involved then?  This reminds me of the story of William Carey. He was a lay Baptist pastor in 18th century England who went on to become known as the “Father of Modern Missions”.  It was believed by most in the Church at that time that the Great Commission was only a command to the apostles and that those in other “heathen” nations were of no concern to them."

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Fervent Prayer: Missions

In the modern-day American church “missions” many times is not considered an important part of the ministry of the church. There is usually some form of missions done, however, because it is a “good thing to do,” or “those poor people really need our help” or “Gee, foreign travel is exciting!” Missions is usually relegated to an add-on if there happens to be some leftover time or resources.


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