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Bruce McCallum
Ekklesia Ministry College

After serving pastorates in two churches, Bruce felt called to work with undergraduate students who were considering life’s big questions, like, “What do I believe?” “Who will I marry?” “How do I fit into God’s plan?”  This desired vocation led Bruce to complete a doctorate in Systematic Theology at Marquette University.  During a time when theological departments were downsizing and opportunities were limited, Bruce was offered a position as a research scientist in the Department of Anesthesiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where he participated in research on the biophysical mechanisms of pain and loss of consciousness. Bruce is excited to bring life experiences and theological training to help with the Christian education ministry at Mercy Hill Church through Equip midweek services and Ekklesia Ministry College.  Bruce and his wife, Joan, live in New Berlin, where they enjoy gardening, bicycling, camping and hospitality. They have two married adult children.