International Christian Fellowship

Assemblies of God - Padova, Italy

Through the years, the church family of ICF Padova has been a blessing to many members of Mercy Hill Church. Many years ago Pastor Kevin Oelke and Pastor Tommy Orlando served together as missionary staff at ICF Padova, and during this time of service God birthed the call to plant Mercy Hill Church in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

ICF stands for International Christian Fellowship. While the church is in Padova, Italy, there are over twenty nationalities represented. All coming together each Sunday in response to the simple and powerful call of the Gospel. This tight-knit community of faith has time and time again reminded us at Mercy Hill Church that the key to a healthy and vibrant church is not found in church growth strategies, but rather in a group of people committed not only to the Gospel, but to being the church together.

Each year, Mercy Hill Church sends a team to serve alongside ICF Padova as they host a vacation Bible school for children in their congregation and surrounding community. We also continue that partnership throughout the year as they shine the beauty of the Gospel to their neighbors through their expression of love towards one another.