Justin & Abbey Valiquett

Justin & Abbey Valiquette

Nuova Vita - Salerno, Italy

Justin and Abbey have been married for 12 years and are currently living in Salerno, Italy planting a church in the historic city center. They moved to Salerno in 2008 with their two young children. Since then, they have added two more children.

After originally moving to work on the university campus nearby, Justin’s role changed as it became evident that, as much as the role on campus was important, the greater need was a gospel-centered church that those students could call home. After spending 2011 in the U.S. for additional training, they returned to Italy with the sole prayer and mission to plant a gospel-centered church in Salerno. The name of the church is “Nuova Vita”, which means “New Life”. They desire to see Italians’ passion for life be transformed into lives changed by the gospel of grace, and to bless the city.

Each year when Mercy Hill sends a team to Padova, Italy several team members stay for an additional week and travel to Salerno to support and encourage Justin, Abbey and their family as they serve the people of Salerno. The consistent observation from these team members is how incredibly relational and connected Justin (called “Jutty” by the Italians) is and how these relationships are beginning to see spiritual fruit grow in the lives of individuals in Salerno.