Screenshot Example of Email Reimbursement Request

Screenshot Example of Email Reimbursement Request

Instructions for Reimbursement

At Mercy Hill Church, reimbursements are done electronically and requires you to enter your debit card information (secure). All reimbursements must be approved by ministry leader prior submitting. Once we receive, you'll see reimbursement within 1-2 business days. Follow instructions below.

  1. Enter in the To: field.

  2. Enter in the Cc: field.
  3. Enter amount in the subject line (amount only).
  4. Add a detailed note in the email body and send the email.
  5. Your recipient will be notified that you've requested Cash. When they send you Cash, you will receive an email notification.

Note: If you have not sent or received Cash before, you will be prompted to link a debit card. Once added, you'll see the confirmation "Cash Sent" or "Request Sent."