As the church, everything we are and everything we do must stem from an understanding and love for God and His Word.  That is why communion with God through prayer is so very important.

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At Mercy Hill, these are the different ways we can engage in prayer together as a body: 

  • Pre-service Prayer   
    • Every Sunday morning from 8:30-8:50AM (Bay View - Auditorium)
    • Every Sunday morning at 9:15AM (Lake Country Lutheran High School - School Office.)
  • Wednesday Night Prayer (Bay View)
    • In the prayer room every Wednesday at 7PM
  • All-Church Prayer: (Bay View) 
    • First Wednesday of the month at 7PM
    • Prayer Outreach Ministry (Bay View)
      • We'll be walking the streets and offering prayer to those who might not ever step foot in a church
      • Thursday nights at 7PM
      • For more info email
    • Prayer Seminars and Special Events
      • Watch the calendar for prayer seminars and special times of focused fasting and prayer

    For more information on the prayer events happening at Mercy Hill, contact:


    If you have prayer needs, please fill out the form below. Our prayer team will receive all submissions. You can also email the prayer team directly at anytime: